Talk is cheap….and the hills are alive!!

Hi Everyone (this is probably limited to my close friends and family). So I am doing it. A music blog…not running a half marathon because I know I talk about that almost as often.

So here’s the deal. Basically I am going to upload a song every day. A daily download of sorts, thanks Melissa (check her blog out for this idea…you’re very wise. As far as I know I can’t give the tunes away for free unless they are already available elsewhere for free, in that case, I am clearly going to post a link. BUT for the most part it’s going to be up to ya’ll to find it somewhere more legal-ish, cough, mediafire, cough. I just supply the inspiration and a full length listen to each track of course. Also I will make sure I post a link to each band or musician’s website so you can get all the beat your heart desires.

Please feel free to comment on anything. Make sure you tell me what you hate or love. I am very open to giving the people what they want, but again I am guessing my audience is good friends and family, so you better like it all.

Anyway…I plan on starting this little endeavor officially on May 1st, hang tight until then….I promise the first one will be worth the wait.


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