Tanti Auguri! Guess what?! David Gray loves your eyes.

Because I missed Cal’s Bday, whilst sunbathing in St. Thomas…..I am dedicating my first track to her cute little third grade butt. This song is one of my favorite David Gray tunes and I think it’s seriously underrated. “Caroline” is the title of the track…..I know…I’m good, and it’s beat is whimsical and infectious, not like the clap, but like Yes’s Roundabout or laughter in general (there’s an exception to every rule: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ot6ZIzaXtg ) Anyway this is the first of many posts so I hope you enjoy it and come back tomorrow!

But one more time I want to say…here’s to Caroline Leigh Hickey turning 23 and David Gray serenading her along the way.



David Gray’s Caroline@itunes

David Gray - A New Day At Midnight


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