(Matt and Kim) – Bacardi Mojitos = Matt and Kim = Totally Worth it.

So everyone and their jobin, mine is named Lauren, has seen this commercial:

First let’s discuss the song. Ok….so undoubtedly this song and commercial are all around better than the hip shaking Mojito blunder, which seriously made me want to stab the bartender in the heart with his mint grinder. BUT the background music, otherwise known as Matt and Kim’s “Daylight”, can get pretty repetitive after the 90th viewing (actually make that 91….I apologize but I had to have a point of reference). So while “Daylight” is border line already on our nerves, it must be said that Matt and Kim actually have other tracks. I KNOW….groundbreaking stuff here people….and some of them are pretty damn good and still rock after 90 listens.

My two favorite tracks are a little bit The Bravery and a lottta bit spunky, kooky punk. Let’s just say I hope they don’t decide to these songs should accompany toilet paper or deodorant commercials because there is such thing as over-saturation…..just ask the Black Eyed Peas.

1. Lessons Learned…THE GRAND

2. Good Ol’Fashion Nightmare…..THE GRAND


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