Sometimes we just spill red wine….


So Lauren and I made dinner last night. Yeah. That’s right, you heard me, we made dinner and according to Lauren you can’t make dinner if you’re not drinking red wine at the same time (we aren’t great cooks but we have the drinking thing downnn) and sometimes this results in a drunk Val before a meal has even been served. This story actually has nothing to do with today’s post other than the fact that it did force me into doing dishes until 11 pm because a drunk cook makes a huge mess and thus sparked my inner monologue over the best music to wash dishes to. It really is a tough decision. Dishes don’t require too much focus or energy, but you want something upbeat and pop-ish that will make you want to scrub away that last bit of grease from the bottom of the pots….so I basically decided I would put my itunes on shuffle and see what happened…..

Well, I rediscovered this duo that I had a brief love affair with junior year in college and to be honest, every song that I have of theirs is a great dish washing tune, but I am only posting a couple of them….Luke and John are from Leamington, England , and make up the group Nizlopi. Luke was the soul vocalist and guitarist and John did all the beat boxing vocally and rocked bass (I would say the more talented of the duo). While, in my opinion this is not ground breaking music, Nizpoli creates fun, upbeat, dish worthy tunes and I hope you get a chance to wash your wine glasses to these tracks soon.


Helen, ExtraOrdinary, Nizlopi

Start Beginning, Make It Happen, Nizlopi



2 comments on “Sometimes we just spill red wine….

  1. Marion says:

    I have fond memories of doing dishes/cleaning that wretched kitchen at Piazza Abbadia to MJ’s “You Rock My World.” Personally.

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