Shock and Awe…Gaga who?


That hat of hair won’t protect Lady Gaga from the greatness of Greyson Michael Chance. Who is Greyson Michael Chance you might ask, normal 6th grade prepubescent mess, nascar driver, Italian Basketball superstar?….I think not….masterful piano player and soloist with the voice of an angel….YOU BET!

This kid is beyond amazing…..he’s a sensation in the making. We already  forgot about Ms. Magoo, I mean Gaga, but this kid even makes us question the legitimacy of Justin Bieber.

This video is entertaining on several levels, obviously for the quality of the performance, but I find the faces of his future groupies to be especially entertaining. He is sooooo rolling 6 deep to the Spring Fling dance this year. I also found myself wondering if he attends an all girls school? Those things aside, this kid is a true talent, and I know you’ll watch this at least twice before you have time to pick your jaw off the ground.

Please take a couple of minutes and enjoy this rendition of Paprazzi by the soon to be famous Greyson Michael Chance.


One comment on “Shock and Awe…Gaga who?

  1. troylazarus says:

    Though Grayson Michael Chance has an incredible voice he is no Justin Bieber. A singer is more than a voice. There has to be a personality and a style that attracts certain people to the celebrity. Grayson has a long, long ways to go before he can be compared to anyone else. He has a geeky style that’s going to have to be changed. He’s going to need coaching on how to interview and how to talk to people in general. The kid is clearly intelligent and has a great vocabulary so hopefully he’ll be able to pick it all up quickly. But he really has no legitimate credits under his belt to be considered marketable. Right now anyone who signs him is taking a risk. Justin Bieber had big names backing him before he was actually signed to Island Def Jam. Justin had several labley vying for his signature. There were others besides Usher and Justin Timberlake. Chances’ signing was very fast and I don’t know that there was enough time in there for bidding wars and serious discussion with other lables. So we’ll see how is career works out. I do wish him the best. But at the moment a successful career for him is yet to be seen.

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