For those Tuesday blues….*ACL

It took me about a dozen listens to Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp” to figure out what the hell Yeasayer was actually saying, but once you decipher the lyrics, the message is clear……

Keep your mind on the time,
With your ass on the line,
Keep your fleet feet sliding…….

Oh wait thats the part that doesn’t make sense…..please see chorus below for the actual gist…...

Stick up for yourself son, never mind what anybody else done.

Yeasayer puts together an enchantingly chanting, harmoniously hip, psychedelic pop track. It’s hard to say if they know what their doing, but seeing as though their apparent goal is to put together songs that “…make you feel inadequate, like you’re not cool enough to be listening to [this] music,” they probably do.

As much as their irreverence is annoying, this group is brilliant, and this track, a masterpiece. Ambling Alp” chirps and bellows in a downright uplifting polyrhythm, paints right to left a field of electronic flashes, bursts harmonies and horn sections, but is welcoming, cheery and downright inspirational….it’s their best piece of weirdo pop yet.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do….


“Ambling Alp”, Odd Blood, Yeasayer


Yeasayer - Odd Blood - Ambling Alp


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