What do pirates and pimps have in common?


They both say “YO HO!” and walk with a limp…(I know, a little inappropriate).

Everyone knows that there are those soundtracks that just plain make the movie, sometimes the movie is even bad, but you remember it as better than mediocre because, well, the music rocked. In this case, the movie was actually pretty great, it was charming, funny and most importantly a little indecent. Pirate Radio (why the pirate joke was necessary) is a movie that profiles the greatest movement in rock music, know as the sixties. What made the music great in the sixties, also made it too smutty and crude for the radio,  and the only way around this censorship was to broadcast rock from “pirate” ships off the coast of the UK.

Pirate Radio is vibrant and hilarious, but the music that accompanies this rock and roll journey brings the film to life. It’s soundtrack is Big Chill soundtrack good, it takes you on a roller-coaster, highs and lows, presenting some of the greatest music our history has to offer.

I had to post several of my favorite tracks from the movie….I’ll leave you to go see which scene they match up with…seriously go rent Pirate Radio.

You Really Got Me, The Kinks


The Wind Cries Mary, Jimi Hendrix


With A Girl Like You, The Troggs


These Arms of Mine, Otis Redding


Cleo’s Mood, Jr. Walker and the All Stars


One comment on “What do pirates and pimps have in common?

  1. Mom says:

    You make your mother proud! Loved the movie, love Otis and love your website. For your personal edification, Pirates do not say “Yo Ho.” They sing “Yo Ho Ho…”

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