Divine decadence darling.

April Smith and The Great Picture Show’s “Songs for a Sinking Ship” is full of life in an eire sort of way. It’s dark and seductive like a cabaret, but big and audacious like an ole’ fashion juke joint, it’s strangely ominous and full of color and life at the same time. Smith pulls inspiration from A to Z, in this case A is Zeppelin and Z is Kinky Friedman. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these tunes are unapologetic, creepy, carefree and soulful all at the same time.

April Smith was recently featured on Rolling Stone’s30 Artists to Watch” and they described her sound best,” [Smith] plays the kind of ragtime songs Fiona Apple might have written if she were alive in the 1930s.” Channeling a love for “…Queen’s majesty, big band’s sunny optimism, the terror and despair of horror flicks and Edgar Allan Poe writings,” Smith has put together her tour de force. I am posting four of my favorites that feature her wide range of influences and her vast amount of talent….AND maybe if you listen really hard, you’ll hear the unique percussion instrument April uses occasionally….that’d be an empty vintage suitcase….for real.

Terrible Things, Songs for a Sinking Ship

Dixie Boy, Songs for a Sinking Ship

Colors, Songs for a Sinking Ship

Movie Loves a Screen, Songs for a Sinking Ship


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