“Is it still ok to like Kings of Leon?”

I say yes….

Sure Kings of Leon are mainstream, “Sex on Fire” is about as familiar as a dial tone, but it doesn’t matter to me. These four weirdos have a sound that rocks and rolls, and while Only By the Night earned them a national audience, I am partial to their earlier stuff, Youth and Young Manhood has more of the blues and southern rock influence that I crave – Which I have decided is relevant because KOL drummer Nathan Followill recently told MTV Radio that their new album features songs “a little more like our Youth and Young Manhood days”.

Thus it’s imperative that today’s post be used to expand your Kings of Leon expertness. If you consider yourself well versed in KOL, you might find this post a tad mundane, but I think it’s necessary to post some of the group’s classic songs that are more in line with the tracks the Kings are working on literally as we speak, or as I write, for their upcoming debut….I promise after today you’ll feel more than prepared to discuss the newly released tracks with your local, beanie wearing, skinny jean loving, hipster music weirdo. Happy Friday!


Dusty, Youth and Young Manhood

Joe’s Head, Youth and Young Manhood

Talihina Sky, Youth and Young Manhood


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