Sunday Funday question of the week….Are you a Beatle or a Stone?

This is not a question I take lightly, but it’s also a question of which I am more than certain of my answer.  I was first asked this question by Jen Gunderman, My History of Rock n’Roll professor. Sitting in that class my sophomore year at Vanderbilt, I sincerely felt some deliberation was in order, but after about 10 minutes I knew in my heart what the answer was and will always be…I, Valerie Carol Henderson, am a tried and true Stone.

I love the Beatles, don’t get me wrong, but I could listen to the “Beast of Burden” all day every day. In my opinion the Rolling Stones are Rock and Roll and even if you consider yourself a Beatle, it seems a travesty not to honestly admit the Stones are the best band of all time :) What makes someone a Stone and what makes someone a Beatle is not a science, but in my humble opinion, if you respect rock and roll over all other musical genres, you would rather jam to “Jumpin Jack Flash” than “Eleanor Rigby” any second of the day, or minute of the week. This post is not to diminish the brilliance of either band, but it’s a question that will always be asked and thus is a question for which you should always have an answer.

Anyway, this post seemed to make sense to me given the newly released Stone album, Exile on Main Street, Deluxe version. It’s remastered but hasn’t lost any of the original luster. It’s a musical revelation and if you were a Beatle before, you might just have to reconsider after a listen or two.


Tumbling Dice, Exile on Main Street [remastered], Rolling Stones

Dancing in the Light, Exile on Main Street [remastered], Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (Deluxe Version) [Remastered]


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