I wouldn’t eat apple a day….

or Dr. Dog might go away.

Dr. Dog is a funky, psychedelic rock group that is completely obsess-able. I find myself bouncing around to these songs even after there over, although the more I think about it, that could be a side affect of the red bull my boss actually requested I stop drinking. But enough about me, Dr. Dog pairs labored vocal harmonies with toe-tapping accompaniment in a polished/ lo-fi hue setting. Sure it sounds counterintuitive, but Dr. Dog has a “smooth-whipped soul rhythm” that begs you to grapevine and feather step to your nearest record store….you can’t imagine how Dr. Dog sounds on vinyl.

This band is sort of a staple on radio KGSR in Austin, which makes it that much more lovable. You can’t think of Austin without wondering “Ain’t It Strange”? Today, I am posting a couple of my absolute favorites from two different, but equally great albums. I hope you will want to see Dr. Dog everyday, for something other than that rash ;)

Shadow PeopleShame, Shame Dr. Dog


Ain’t It Strange We All BelongDr. Dog


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