Arrested Development…not just a TV show.

So I will be honest here because that’s apparently what everyone should be doing, I stood up at work a couple weeks ago asking my fellow coworkers a very important question about my new love, the television show, “Arrested Development”. Any show that features a character incapable of ever being totally nude, yes he showers in jean shorts, dubed a NeverNude is SO ok by me.

Anyway, I wanted to see if  I could bond with anyone over my current love affair and when I asked the question I was a little confused by the answer I received. Most people said no, lauren told me to shut up about the show (we live together) and JJ, we share a cube wall, smugly responded…”Yeah, they rock. DUH. Mr. Wendallllll”. Well that made no sense to me, so I asked him to clarify. APPARENTLY Arrested Development was one of the greatest hip hop bands of the 90s and I was clearly the only person who had no idea they existed. Trying to recover from my quick dissent into musical ignorance, I pandora-ed “Mr. Wendal“. Well I was both surprised and excited by what I heard.

Arrested Development is not just any hip hop group. In their hay day, they were a smart, progressive and passionate collective that strove to make purposeful songs outside of the “gangsta” variety and I have discovered that their tracks are still worthy of a couple listens.

Arrested Development was a cultural phoneme in the 90s but “Mr. Wendal” is still a jam. The only issue I actually have with this group is that they don’t find the sitcom, with which they share a name, has funny as I do. In November of 2003 , the group actually sued Fox Network over the name of the tv show, and in true Arrested Development form, the suit was hilariously referenced in the following episodes: Public Relations, Motherboy XXX and For British Eyes Only.

Either way both Arrested Developments have brightened my life, although only one has me googling NeverNude…

MR. WENDAL3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days In the Life Of…, Arrested Development


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