Can I make up words? Am I at that point yet?

I’m probably not, but this new song is my new obsession (totally obsess-able), it’s super short and could be easily mistaken for just about any Pet Sounds track, but it is absolute perfection. The Magic Kids, say it again…do it….say it again. Magic Kids.Has a nice ring to it right?!  This group has that special je ne se qua and is the most prefect intersection between Brian Wilson and Apples in Stereo. Today’s song “Hey Boy” is the perfect rapturous, summery tune and the Magic Kids begs you to sing along. It will be the sunniest 2 minutes and 14 seconds of your day. I promise.



One comment on “Obsess-able.

  1. musignoramus says:

    I deserve some (all) of the credit for the word obsess-able.

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