Carly Simon and James Taylor’s musical love child


Ben Taylor is more James than Carly, but his style is clearly all his own. He is a wonderfully gifted songwriter and musician, and just an additional plus… he has winked at my most favorite person, Marion Mauran, multiple times at a show…. she’s even been on his tour bus, in the most platonic way that can be read. She’s sort of obsessed and after todays post maybe you’ll understand why…I mean you can’t get better musical genes than this.

Can you imagine coming home with him at Thanksgiving, sharing a table with Carly Simon and James Taylor…who would you ask to pass the green bean casserole (Marion, I know you’ve thought about this scenario) ?


After It’s OverThe Legend of Kung Folk, Pt. 1: The Killing Bite, Ben Taylor

You Could Be Mine, Ben Taylor


3 comments on “Carly Simon and James Taylor’s musical love child

  1. Marion says:

    whhheeeeerrrrrrrreeeee did you find that picture of the two of them? it’s blissful. ohmygodilovethemsooooomuch!!!

  2. Marion says:

    and it wasn’t just winking. it was SUSTAINED INTENSE eye contact. to the point where my friend sitting next to me leaned over and said, “do you realize he’s staring at you?” it’s written in the stars.

  3. Ddd says:

    How do you think Carol King his legal wife feels about it I adore James taylor and from the age of 16 I loved his music and now i am 54 nothing has changed his stilll is my legend Please James next time you come to brisbane please try and make the time to introduce yourself to me its very hard as i’m on a wheelchair being disabled suffering from an anurism. kind regards dei

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