Sink your teeth into this one…


Ok. So i know that I posted Vampire Weekend just a couple weeks ago, but the Eclipse….yes that would be Eclipse of the Twilight series…soundtrack came out yesterday and VW’s new single “Jonathan Low” is a featured track. VW’s appearance on this soundtrack shouldn’t surprise us, since they are practically daring anyone and everyone to turn their band name into a terrible pun. But that’s really neither here not there. All I know is, even if this song back drops a scene solely featuring Kristen Stewart chewing on her lip, it’s a jam.

This song is very different for Vampire Weekend, Rostam plays a very surprising twelve-string guitar section, exemplifying the stark contrast to most of Contra’s other tracks. Either way it’s Vampire Weekend and I LOVE IT! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and maybe, just maybe you’ll see Eclipse to get the song in full effect, although I am guessing the number of you that do this will be much smaller than the number of times Edward whispers into Bella’s ear and she bites her lip deep in thought…..(FYI this happens a lot….and I know this just proves that I have seen the others.)



One comment on “Sink your teeth into this one…

  1. Cnice says:

    I am glad to see all those Blair classes are paying off! xo

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