Smoking Kills, but so does this song.


I feel like I don’t post enough hip hop and honestly I love it, so I am not sure why. One of my all time favorite groups has to be Sound Tribe and I can never get enough of Dr. Dre, so the hip hop drought stops here and now, with one of my new favorites…Hoodie Allen. Apparently this used to be a duo, but Hoodie has taken credit for the following track which features UK pop success, Marina and the Diamonds.

“You are not a Robot” is the perfect example of how rap and the indie scene have collided, there are so few boundaries anymore….it’s sort of like music globalization….and it’s fantastic. I think I might have liked reading “The World is Flat” if it incorporated more musical metaphors….although I am not sure Mexico importing statuettes of the Virgin of Guadalupe from China has a comparable musical situation. ANYWAY……Despite the fact that Thomas Friedman might never truly understand me, this song is a true hip hop hooray…download the rest of the mix tape The Diamond Cuts if you feel so inclined.


get it here!


One comment on “Smoking Kills, but so does this song.

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