Catch the Chapness.


I just came across The Chap via one of my very favorite blogs…..I am totally ok with promoting other musical ventures….it’s the called the Mixtape Muse. Anyway The Chap has a whimsical and catchy sound, that to be perfectly honest, is also pretty weird. This song “We Work in Bars” has been stuck in my head since my first listen. This track has the just the right amount of interloping beats that trounce and pounce, concluding with the perfect last course, a sweet whistling dessert. The lyrics might be secondary to the music, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…. you’ll see what I mean when you are humming this on Sunday. You might hate it, but if you don’t, there is no doubt you will bring it in your briefcase on Monday morning.

FYI “We Work In Bars” is off of The Chap’s latest album, Well Done Europe, out now on Lo Recordings.



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