Infectiously manic.

This post is oh so very late, but this weekend took a bit of a toll on me (currently working at half speed), but if there was a song to assist my recovery it would be this new tune from J Roddy Waltson and The Business. It’s the the type of song that sort of makes you want to go out, pass out and then do it all over again. I’m not sure how big their following is, but I first heard about them at SXSW this year. They have a knack for producing infectious, grittttty Americana rock. Generally speaking, it’s the perfect kind of music to accompany all types of drinking, smoking, dancing and general misbehavior. Even more intriguing, Waltson and The Business also do an incredible cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”, but today’s track,“Brave Man’s Death”, is my favorite they’ve come out with thus far and guess what?!?!…you can get it for free (legally of course) below. Save this one for a bender.


Get it here!


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