Eeeeezy Breeeezy

The Crookes. Sheffield’s own foursome is Morrison meets The Smiths. It’s England’s new pop movement and if you haven’t listened up yet you’re missing out. Additionally, I think there is  a certain similarity between Vampire Weekend’s soulful crooner and The Crookes lead man, George Wait. The Crookes make it all sound so effortless…this is the type of music that makes you want to drink mint juleps and do the jitterbug…even if you’d rather drink a beer and sit on the couch. This music has a tousled energy, despite it’s melancholic mood, and I would keep an ear out for these English boys because they are, sure as sin, to be all over the place soon. The track I picked today is by far my favorite, Bloodshot Days, it’s the most honest exhibit of their skill that I have heard so far. ENJOY!



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