Gesundheit….Oh that wasn’t a sneeze?!

Nope. It was just me talking about my new favorite duo….Rumspringa. Sometimes I think that I am I attracted to bands solely because their names make me giggle, but in this case these guys are truly a double threat, quirky name, just fyi Rumspringa refers to a period of adolescence experienced by members of the amish community, and for their funky avant-ish hybrid sound. This LA pair creates music a little bit dance party and a little bit old school Americana and a lot a bit blues. Think Jimi Hendrix Guitar riffs and Devendra Banhart psychedelic funk.

It’s pretty typical of me to fall for  a band that’s a little disco and a little garage, but I think in this case everyone will be able to see the glimmer through the grit and grime. I am posting two of their songs today, my personal favorite. Shake’Em Loose Tonight. It’s a retro and cool and ultra catchy. Also I am posting a brand new cover they did of the Seeds, Can’t Seem To Make You Mine which is more blues, but still has that great funk. I think that this was posted not even a week ago, so I couldn’t find it anywhere except Soundcloud. I have already listened to it about 2o times. If you like these two check out Rumspringa on their official site.


Shake’em Loose Tonight


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