Lights Camera Francis


Hailing from New York City, Francis Farewell Starlite (Apparently his real name, see proof below) and his Lights, make my heart full of electric pop energy. Francis and The Lights sound a little bit Kings of Leon meets Passion Pit meets David Bowie…which means this band should sound a lot like the bands I post here since I am obsessed with all things electronic, garage and glittery, but there is still something strikingly fresh about Francis and The Lights. Not to mention, well, I am mentioning it, they have opened for both MGMT and Drake. I think Francis rocks, but  I will let you make your own judgement….BUT just remember with a name like that,  his parents clearly wanted to be famous….so let’s not rock their boat.


Francis and The Lights, Striking


3 comments on “Lights Camera Francis

  1. ndrew says:

    i think i’ve found another music to listen..
    thanks dude, it sounds different and of course it’s pretty easy listening…

  2. Steve Shiz says:

    Ha, this does sound like Kings of Leon. Good track, good find!

  3. Francis Farewell Starlite is not the name he was given as a baby/child. He legally changed it for art’s sake.

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