Not a pink moon, just an Orange Sky.

Alexi Murdoch has the voice of an angel. His delicate purr of a voice will surely transport you….think beach sunset, a hammock, ocean breeze, cocktail complete with mini paper umbrella and absolutely no knee sweat ;) Basically a musical utopia. I am not necessarily talking about pure transcendence here people, but it’s definitely flirting with musical nirvana.

Murdoch doesn’t try too hard either, his songs sound effortless. This song in particular, Orange Sky, could be the musical equivalent to those cozy slippers you keep next to your bed. It’s the sort of track that could accompany you all day, but would work best to wake up with this tune warming your feet. Intimate perfection. Describing music by means of metaphor can seem pretentious, but I think in this case it just works. So sit back, and let Mr. Murdoch chase your blues away with his brilliant Orange Sky.



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