Hello. Carbs.

Hugo is going to be big. I just have a feeling. I don’t know what it is about Roc Nation’s newest renegade that makes me shake with musical anticipation, but I think RCRD LBL’s Hillary Kaylor puts it perfectly…Hugo’s new single Bread and Butter is the perfect “theme song for dusty pickups, good whiskey, and loose morals”. I mean this tune sort of makes me want to go out and kick rocks, drink a colt 45 out of a paper bag and maybe even consider a random act of vandalism…minor of course. If you know me at all, this is not something I would normally be inclined to do…(my mom once set up a lawn chair to watch me clean up a house all by myself that 15 of my closest girlfriends and I toilet papered, whilst drinking a big gulp….I have shied away from all vandal-ish activities ever since).

ANYWAY…..Hugo rocks and if you think you might recognize this song, it was featured on Sunday’s season premier of Entourage….it only takes a couple of seconds to drag you in to this smooth as black johnny walker whiskey tune. So, DRINK IT. Also I am posting Hugo’s Cover of Jay Z’s 99 Problems because well we all know I love a good cover.

Bottoms up.


Bread & Butter

Click here to download Bread and Butter for free!

99 Problems


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