Lucky you.

Luck. In many ways this is a baffling concept, but it’s hard to deny that some days you really feel like someone or something out there is pulling for you just a little bit more than they usually are. I mean I haven’t ever won the lottery (I would be living in Tusany jetting around Europe on my lear jet if that was the case), but I once won money on 9 straight scratch lottery tickets….if only the TCBY had been open at that same gas station…probably would have been my luckiest day ever. But everyone knows that some days you can just feel it, like luck picked you first for kickball, four leaf clovers cover the field, the stars align and bright shiny abe up pennies line your driveway. Well this classic by Cloud Cult makes me feel like that type of luck is just right around the corner. It’s like Nickel Creek meets Dr. Dog goes on a date with G. Love and after a couple listens it just gets better and happier and more awesome. I don’t think it needs much more introduction that than that… So here’s “Lucky Today” by Cloud Cult.



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