I think I’m feeling nostalgic….


This is a picture of my grandparents. Catherine and Fred Ascani. My grandparents were married a very long time and had eight wonderful and beautiful children (I am partial to Betsy, their youngest daughter and also my mother). They both lived long and fulfilling lives, he was a Two Star Air force General and she was a Nurse and Mother, but it’s safe to say that everyday wasn’t easy for them. They were both very busy and spent a lot of time apart and they might not have stopped to thank each other for being wonderful or even to say “I love you” everyday…But if there was ever any doubt that they didn’t experience that all consuming love, this picture puts it to rest.

I am in love with this picture and I can’t stop wondering what music they were dancing to that night. I can just see Fred and Catherine, so long before they were my nanny and poppy, just after the clock struck 12, swaying back and forth, without a care in the world, all 8 kids at home asleep (probably not acutally asleep) and only the melody playing in the background cueing them when to pretend to care about the music, the love and joy is palpable. While you might not know my grandparents, everyone knows what it’s like to be caught in a moment, and this moment needs a song. So I set out to find something that would fit the part and I came up with the predictable ,yet perfect, “At Last” by Etta James. Sure this isn’t new or cutting edge, but this song begs you to be transported elsewhere, just swaying to the music in a state of serene bliss.

Don’t worry tomorrow will be less nostalgia and more new music.


6 comments on “I think I’m feeling nostalgic….

  1. Dad says:

    Way to go, Val … new is great, but I am so glad you can also appreciate that old is still pretty great too.

  2. Kris.G says:

    Ha, I almost posted the same song today. But once I read your write-up, I couldn’t match it. I was only inspired to post because someone did it at karaoke last night. Haha. I believe you will be breaking into the top 20 once again on HypeM with this one.

  3. Mom says:

    Etta James touched the hearts of many and you just touched mine!

  4. Dianne says:

    This is one of my favorites, and what a GLAMOROUS picture of your grandparents. What a lovely tribute, and a great song!

  5. Aunt Clare says:

    I love this picture so much…and I will never forget the look of love I saw in his tearied eyes and the big smile that immediately came to his face when I surprised him with it on his next birthday after Mom died. I’d found it in one of their photo albums deteriorating from age and I had to work on it a long time to restore it so you could make out their faces(hence the grainy-ness of the picture). Dad laughed and cried at the same time. I’m sure Mom had just said something really funny to make Dad laugh. They were having a blast! They were so beautiful! I love your blog Val…..you’re a natural!

  6. This is a great story…..and the picture does make you ponder that which was yester year where we all think about our grandparents generation….btw-mine had 7 kids;)
    Keep up the good work, Val!


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