Fighting the clouds.

I am in currently in Lake Texoma celebrating the 4th of July along with 50 of my closest friends….I seriously thought I knew only 30 people…Anyway, the weather in Texas (boooooo hurricane Alex) has been bleak these past couple days and we all have spent a lot of time discussing the possible forecast (who knew what a bonding experience it would be complaining about the forecast). All in all we are all desperately hoping for sun although it doesn’t look promising. So today is a post that’s sort of opposite of the rain dance – it’s a sun song. I have over 150 songs that have the word sun in the title, but the one that makes me oh so happy every time I hear it, is Josh Rouse’s “Sunshine”. It’s that folky, sappy and cute jam and it makes me want to soak up those rays. So listen to it and think “SUN, SUN, SUN“. Even if you are already basking in beautiful 80 degree weather, help a sister out and get down to my sun song.

Josh Rouse, Sunshine, 1972


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