Hay is for Horses – Feathers are for pillows?

Horse Feathers is Justin Ringles brainchild, but it was his introduction to Norfolk & Western’s Peter Brodrick that took this Portland-based folk solo act to the next level….it also didn’t hurt to have a bevy of trained instrumentalists as collaborators (including Peter’s sister – Heather  – pictured).  Influenced by the starkness of Springsteen and the beauty of Scandinavian classical composition, this duo created something that is strikingly beautiful and poignant. Horse feathers is hard to listen to like a Shakespearean tragedy is difficult to read.

Ringle’s reedy vocals spark curiosity which is only nurtured by the deepness of Brodrick’s Vivaldi inspired filigree. Simply put…it’s stunning. I honestly couldn’t pick my favorite track by this duo, so I am posting my top two. I’ll let my devoted listeners decide which song cuts the deepest. Horse feathers currently includes three other members with Broderick leaving to purse other musical opportunities, but in my humble opinion this band reached it’s pinnacle with the album “House With No Home” – the duo’s last and greatest masterpiece.

Curs in the Weeds, Horse Feathers, House with No Home

This is What, Horse Feathers, House with No Home


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