Let’s get Loggy-ical

Loggy, aka Alex Lagemann, is not a rap star. Nope he’s better. He’s a hip-hop writing, ncaa football playing, mixtape wonder kid and Berkley student that lays down relatable poetry to beats that should be familiar to track star’s more devoted listeners. He has mixed his lyrics to some of my all time obsessable tracks, including Ratatat’s “Wildcat” and Vampire Weekend’s “Ottoman”.  He really knows how to turn out a killer mixtape…(he also knows I like compliments, thanks for the blog love Loggy).

But honestly this kid is legit for more than his on par mixes. Loggy is a college student that wanted to make fun music to party to and he doesn’t take himself to seriously. He knows he isn’t reinventing the wheel and I respect that. I have to reference a quote of his I found on Daily Californian.com because I think it sums his attitude and music perfectly- “I’m not in the ghetto and I’m not on the grind, you know. I write papers”.  He’s the real deal and his most recent mixtape, New Kid, is breezy, animated and it’s all about summmmmmertimeeeee. I recommend you download the whole thing because a. it’s awesome and b. it’s free! So let’s get loggy-ical listeners.


Loggerisback, Loggy, New Kid

Whiledcat, Loggy, New Kid

Don’t Stop Believin, Loggy, New Kid


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