Oh Mama sounds just like Obama

The Drums have a conflicting sound. This might not make sense, but you’ll see. This duo creates track after track that can best be described as both fantastically fresh and reminiscently retro . It’s post-punk 80s pop meets fresh indie-beach-craze synth. The Drums released Summertime! this year on Moshi Moshi records and it was widely reviewed as one of the most exciting and interesting albums on the indie circuit. I don’t know exactly how tuned in I am to said buzz, but all I know is that The Drums know how to write sunny pop music that will be paddling around your head for days. I usually try and stay away from quoting Pitchfork (pretentiousfork…I am aware that this is a stretch), but I think that Stuart Berman might have put it perfectly…”[The Drums] are so behind the curve, they’re practically ahead of a new one.”

The track I am posting to today is their most melodious tune from Summertime!, Let’s Go Surfing, and also my favorite….duh. Additionally, I would like to make a note that if you believe The Drums to be calling out President Obama to go surfing….don’t fear….they are just calling out your mom.


Let’s Go Surfing, The Drums, Summertime!


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