Have a heart.

So M.I.A. released her new album, ΛΛ Λ Υ Λ, yesterday….and let’s be honest, even if it sucked, I am pretty sure I would still like it. I am not trying to put her up on pedestal, and I am not going to get into whether or not she sold out, but what I am going to say is that Maya is an undisputed talented and simply put, is a lyrical wizard.  Additionally, she has an incredible social sense and just about everything she says has a deeper meaning(usually over my head). Sure, some find her tastes pretentious, but my (humble) personal opinion is that a little cultural education via electronica never killed anyone. Either way Maya’s new album is both playful and experimental, she has branched out but has stopped short of uprooting the sound that brought us last summers “Paper Planes”.

I have listened to most the songs on ΛΛ Λ Υ Λ and I have a clear favorite. While there are hundreds and thousands of songs about love out there, leave it to Maya to spit lyrics about that oh so coveted yet oh so painful emotion, in a new and enchanting way. “It Takes A Muscle” definitely has more of a reggae sound then the rest of the songs, but at its core it’s a sweet, poignant electro-pop song. So do me a favor and don’t be too quick to judge this album or song especially to go as far as deeming it “as thrilling as MGMT’s latest”, but take a second to enjoy M.I.A. for who she is and how she could expand your musical tastes.


It Takes A Muscle, ΛΛ Λ Υ Λ


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