Call me a post it.

I cannot in good conscience write too much about these two artists. You might ask who leaves muah short of words? Well that would be Alison Krauss and Robert Planet. These two are not only gifted artists but they are legendary musicians and song writers. To me this duo reaches above and beyond words, so it seems most appropriate to let the music do that talking. If you haven’t heard this pair’s collaboration, Raising Sand, you are missing out on literally one of the greatest albums out there….it did win the Grammy award for album of the year- 2009. Raising Sand is a mix of classic covers (Tom Waits and Gene Clark to name a few) and some originals – all the brain child of master producer, T-Bone Burnett. This album is truly beyond brilliant, but the tie that binds the whole package together is the divine harmony vocals between this magnetic duo.

My absolute favorite track has to be the two sing has to be the Everly Brothers cover, Stick With Me Baby. The more I think about it, the more I am beginning to realize that I might just be a hopeless romantic, and this song has just the right amount of tenderness to tickle my fancy. Although, Stick With Me Baby is my favorite by far, I have to post Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson because 1. It’s just good advice 2. Alison Krauss’s vocals have never been more spellbinding.


Stick With Me Baby

Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson


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