Siaaaa this really is good!


A DINGO ATE MY BABY….ok a Dingo didn’t eat my baby because well a.I don’t have a baby and b. I don’t think Dingo’s frequent Austin, Texas. However, Dingo’s do frequent pop star Sia’s homeland and I don’t know if I am on Australian kick or what?!, but I can’t get Sia’s “Buttons” (CSS Remix) out of my head. Channeling Nikki Costa and Nelly Furtado, Sia makes a splash with her beautifully crafted soda pop tunes. Her voice is mesmerizing and her beats are intoxicating…let’s just say this isn’t the Aussie’s first rodeo. Sia’s been around for awhile and sure Buttons is my absolute favorite, but Sia’s new album “We are Born” is not without it’s mega catchy hits like Clap Your Hands” (also posting the fabulously creepy music video). So let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie and get down with Sia.


Buttons (CSS Remix)

Clap Your Hands


4 comments on “Siaaaa this really is good!

  1. Crocodile Dundee says:

    Bob’s yer uncle.

  2. Giulia Giordano says:

    I LOVE Sia, “Clap Your Hands” it is my favorite right now but, if you look into her older stuff and want something slower check out “Breathe Me.” I first heard it at an Off the Beat(UPenn acapella group) show my sophomore year. So deep.


    PS: hey Val!

    • Cnice says:

      giuls and I were literally ituning the shiz out of Sia last night. I always knew you were a gypsy woman who can read minds ; )


  3. Ann says:

    Australia isn’t full of dingo’s and kangaroos you know… bbut it is filled with great artists! Go Sia!

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