If he’s wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Keb’Mo’ isn’t about flash. Nope, his songs are far more about how much you can do with how little. In fact to me all blues music is more about the swagger than then the synth and Keb’Mo’ takes his cues from Blues’ greats. With influencers like Son House and Robert Johnson, Keb’Mo’ understands real soul music. Proficient in acoustic, electric and slide guitar, Keb’Mo is quite the skilled musician and to be honest, he might be an even better story teller. He’s a no fuss talent and today’s song, “Am I Wrong”, is about as simple and stirring as you can get. So kick back and let Keb’Mo’ tell you exactly how it is in 2:20 seconds or less.


KEB’ MO’, “Am I Wrong”


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