Crowd Pleaser

So summertime always brings on a bevy of parties, bbqs and lake weekends. These activities usually entail a similar spread, consisting of beer, food, sun and music. Obviously communal music enjoyment can be extrememly tricky. Generally speaking, I believe there to be only a handful of songs out there that please the ears of every party goer at a given event. So this obviously begs the question…what are those mystical tracks? While of course I have some ideas, I don’t think I could choose them on my own, so I am opening up the forum. What’s a classic summertime-party crowd pleaser?

For my pick, I am not jumping out of the box, in fact I am so damn cozy in this box, I wouldn’t dare to leave it. My favorite go to summertime tune has to be Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved”. I have yet to meet someone who can’t enjoy a cold beer and some company while listening to this reggae classic. So enjoy Marley’s magic, but I am serious about this people, I want to hear what tunes you consider to be worthy of universal entertainment. So, ready, set, go….

Bob Marley, Could You Be Loved, Legend


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