I’ve got the shakes.

Harlem Shakes might not be together anymore, but I have to say their last hoorah was one worth talking about. Pitchfork review aside, the Shakes’s artistic efforts were not wasted on me. Technicolor Health was on heavy rotation in my itunes back in the day, that would be March-May 2009. Honestly I am not sure what killed it for them, but this Brooklyn collective is not without talent. Sure at times their sound can be derivative or drone on, but when it comes down to it, Technicolor Health was a great album and Harlem Shakes produced solid pop musickkkk. I think cokemachineglow put it best, “wring out the most emotionally-fulfilling potential; [these songs] allow you to replay these choruses as big grand vistas on The OC are covered by a tiny camera in the air, and you, for that hand-on-heart moment, are the protagonist, dating Marissa; you are the one this music matters to.” Personally, I liked Summer better, but this aside, creating music that transports you into a hit sitcom musical montage ain’t too shabby. I am posting “Strictly Business” because well it matters most to me and I think idealizes the sound that was Harlem Shakes “good-to-great” moment. Enjoy…


Strictly Game, Technicolor Health


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