I want to.


This song was on a favorite mix tape of mine. Track 11. I never ever knew what it was called or who sang it, but I knew that the only reason I ever chose this mix tape over all the others was because of this track. A few years back when I realized it was high time that I research the unknown origin of this mysterious track, I was shocked by just how difficult it was to find the elusive creator…this was long before shazam and soundhound…both of which have changed the way I live my life, although the mystery really is gone.All this aside, weeks later I was bouncing around to this same “unnamed” track with the creator of the mixtape and it came to me…just ask the guy who put it on the mix in the first place. Riveting story aside, this flash of brilliance lead to the eventual naming of this track which was and still is one of my favorites.

The Teddybears STHML “Yours To Keep (Feat. Paola)”, this track is the cat’s meow. Yup. I said it. Don’t be fooled by the creepy bears, this song is electronic, pop madness and even better, it’s swedish. So I hope you’ll share my love, but even if you don’t, use today’s post as inspiration to go find that track you know that you don’t know.



8 comments on “I want to.

  1. sb says:

    same thing happened to me. i had this song on a mix from the afterlame soundtrack, but it cut off like 30 seconds early and i could never find the full version, only the teddybears refix and some other version that wasn’t as good.

  2. Cody says:

    I love this tune. I did however know the origins of where I got it. So there was no mystery for me. There is another version of the song as well. It features a different female vocalist. THAT one is a mystery to me! haha… I’m gonna go look it up…

    Yours To Keep (feat. Neneh Cherry)

    It’s on YouTube. Go figure!

    I just love both versions! Such a great song.

  3. hello says:

    its Teddybears STHLM!

  4. Brvnjes says:

    Hi guys,

    have played “yours to keep” non stop.

    It seems there’s plenty of versions however. Is this the original?

    Thanks in advance!!!


  5. minable says:

    Hey, there.

    i searches all the web for this version of the song and i cant find it. do you know if it is released on a record somewhere or if i can get it elsewhere?


  6. fiddler says:

    the paola version is the original version. she was married to the guitarist of teddybears at the time. she released a great solo album in 2002: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLFBmBs8Ex0

  7. […] Teddybears STHLM – Yours To Keep (feat. Paola) via Val’s Daily […]

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