Mio preferito.


So it’s Monday, and I didn’t blog a thing all weekend. Instead of coming up with a bevy of excuses, which I could do, I’m just going to try and make up for it with bringing you my some of my absolute favorite tracks….

Lately, I have been having a hard time picking songs to feature, honestly I think I am going through a sort of a musical schizophrenia period in my life. I can’t seem to listen to a whole song all the way through…bouncing from track to track….with no clue what it exactly I am looking for. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened, and usually how I handle it is going back to basics, centering myself around the tracks that I love best. Through this therapeutic process, I realized that I have never featured a track by literally one of my most favorite bands….Band of Horses. I have listened to their album, Cease to Begin easily every week since it’s realease. I am truly a fanatical about BOH and I don’t believe I can say enough of about this talented collective and thus I will always say to little, so I would rather just let the music do all the talking…so here are my top four favorite BOH tracks. Enjoy….

The Funeral, Everything All The Time, Band of Horses

No One’s Gonna Love You, Cease To Begin, Band of Horses

Islands on the Coast, Cease to Begin, Band of Horses

Way Back Home, Infinite Arms, Band of Horses


3 comments on “Mio preferito.

  1. It sounds like the Track Star has come down with a grave case of SADD (Song ADD – a seriously annoying ailment characterized mainly by the inability to listen to a complete song). Be sure to avoid handling any iPods during your sickness. I wish you the best in your recovery.

  2. Shiz says:

    No One’s Gonna Love You is such a great song. Seems like you need another dose of the Shiz for some new tracks!

  3. Jeff Ryckman says:

    If you like the Funeral and also like a little hip hop, KiD CuDi – The Prayer is a must listen!

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