Eyes on the prize.

I just love Yeasayer. There is just not much else to say. So you can imagine my joy when I came across this track on the most buzz worthy compilation of 2009, Dark Was The Night. For those of you who all aren’t familiar with Dark Was The Night, it was a compilation release benefiting the Red Hot Organization, a well known international charity raising funds for HIV and AIDS awareness. This compilation is comprised of 2 discs full of the best indie pairings and solos of 2010….obviously with production by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, I would expect no less. So  some of my all time favorite obscure songs come from this compilation, but nothing compares to the Yeasayer track, Tightrope. It’s beautifully catchy and just won’t quit. It’s a masterpiece and has a sense of hopefulness that demands more than one listen five listens. So you know what that means. Get started.


Tightrope, Yeasayer, Dark Was The Night

And do the right thing people, buy this whole album, it’s AMAZING music for a most worthy cause.


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