Music Your Parents Like: Episode 2


She’s back. Yup. That’s right, the one and only Marion Mauran. TGIF.

Not wanting to pigeonhole myself as the Listen Up Trackstar’s resident advocate for Blue Eyed Soul, I have chosen not to follow up my Michael McDonald column with a post about Steve Winwood – let’s save that track for another time. Instead, as it is mid-August, I tried to choose a song that fits the late summer mood, and no band – I think – is summerier or moodier than Fleetwood Mac. Tusk, their follow-up album to 1977’s blockbuster, Rumors, is filled with the kind of atmospheric, slightly melancholic, sometimes manic songs that remind me of that feeling you get when summer starts to wane. “Over And Over,” the opening track, is beautifully realized with Christine McVie’s ethereal voice and hypnotic lyrics. It makes me want to drive off into the sunset.

And P.S: Many thanks to Miss Henderson for giving me such an incredible introduction, and for throwing James Taylor a shoutout, and for letting me post a song by Michael McDonald.


Over and Over, Fleetwood Mac, Tusk


One comment on “Music Your Parents Like: Episode 2

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Marion,

    Val’s Dad here again … and thanks again for throwing out one us old guys can remember … and I will be driving off into the sunset this afternoon headed back to Austin … this song just made more anxious to get on the road.

    Thanks again,
    Bob Henderson

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