Big Brass Bed.


If you don’t like Bob Dylan, I would be willing to guess it isn’t for lack of  a lyrical genius, but it probably has more to do with his some what “unconventional” voice. While, I am not one of those people (i <3 him), I know that they exist, and today’s track goes out to all those sort-of fans. It’s a beautifully sweet cover of Lay Lady Lay by Magnet and Gemma Hayes. Magnet, aka Even Johansen, has a soulful croon, as does the duets more sassy counterpart…that would be the cool and talented Hayes. The music on this version is bigger than on Dylan’s original, but to me it’s the magnetism that both singers bring to the table that really does this cover justice. The duo’s expressive rendition only emphasizes the perfect tenderness of these  lyrics and when it comes down to it, Dylan’s genius is still what makes this track’s wheels go round.



5 comments on “Big Brass Bed.

  1. areynolds says:

    must download. where can i get this???

  2. eduard says:

    my parents raised me on the byrds, they did some great dylan covers as well

  3. bobby says:

    where can i downloaddddd

  4. Alejandro says:

    top 5 songs ever on my list. This is a really good cover. the song is a very minimal, highly polished, sublty grabbing Love it!

  5. josh says: here is a link to a downloadable version

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