Chem 101

I found this song whilst doing a little blog surfing and I am officially hooked. It’s a short little diddy, running just a smidgen over 2 minutes, but it is another one of those tunes that won’t get out of my head. Noah and The Whale is one of those British folk groups that has perfected the summery, their slightly pastoral pop sound has a clever arrangement and dry humor that packs quite the punch. “2 Atoms In A Molecule” was the single from their latest album – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down (September 2008), and lyrically, it deals with lead singer, Charlie Fink’s break up…with his backup vocalist, Laura Marling…talk about awkward. BUT depressing breakups aside, so was born this cleverly conflicting tune, with its sweet sound and sardonic symbolism. So let’s grab our protons, electrons and neutrons and get started….



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