It’s that time again…


So it’s been like almost a full month without a Vampire Weekend posting, and well we just can’t have that. So on this fabulous Thursday, I am posting a downright dazzling Miike Snow/Vampire Weekend remix. Sure this track is a jam on its own, but Swedish pop powerhouse, Miike Snow’s flavor re-energizes VW’s The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance. At it’s core this remix keeps that breathy Brooklyn cool sound the Vamp kids have made a name for, but Snow’s talent and electric expertise turns up the voltage (weak metaphor…it’s the end of the week people, give me a break). Bad comparisons aside, this remix frames both Vampire Weekend and Miike Snow’s raw talent and that’s how you know it’s a gooooooood.


Get it here!


4 comments on “It’s that time again…

  1. chrisjrt says:

    What a remix! Puts a fresh spin on a classic track!

  2. Will says:

    Such a dope track, Vampire Weekend get it done no matter what, and Miike made there shit twice as good.

  3. […] blog site with the song, i’m a beginer so i have  no idea how to put the song on here. This entry was posted in Music. Bookmark the […]

  4. jo says:

    everytime this comes back around i just have to do a session…..full blast in the flat dancing around naked with my cat…..
    oh yeah….the kids dont stand a chance….
    thanks again….

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