Preppy Mix Tape


The September issue of Vanity Fair features a tribute to the 30th year of The Officially Preppy Handbook with an excerpt from Lisa Birnback’s new book, True Prep, which is all about what it takes to be one of the chosen – tennis playing, sailboat owning, blue blazer wearing, ivy league learning- prep monsters. It’s obviously more of a satire than anything else, since no one who’s actually a prep monster would be caught dead reading True Prep (exception would be reading said book to show understanding of true irony – Oxford educated no doubt). All this aside, one of the best parts of this article happens to be a finely tuned Preppy Mix Tape. Featuring just the right amount of classic rock, disco, motown and “anything to remind those prep-sters of their junior year abroad,” this playlist will be on repeat for me through at least labor day. While I can’t share every song with you here, you’ll have to buy the mag for that, I promise to post the absolute highlights. So get out that seersucker suit, smoking pipe and try to picture yourself on martha’s vineyard at sunset, sipping on a g&t whilst enjoying these totally waspy wonders.


1. Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones

2. Superstition, Stevie Wonder

3. Black Coffee in Bed, Squeeze

4. Rich Girl, Hall and Oates

5. Love to Love you Baby, Donna Summer

6. How Soon is Now?, The Smiths


5 comments on “Preppy Mix Tape

  1. President Obama better be preppily ripping some g&t’s in his seersucker right now on his 10 day Martha’s Vineyard Vaca…i would so own his ass in badminton btw

  2. e2c says:

    yes – a lot of black folks have places on Martha’s Vineyard. (Artists, academics, professionals of all sorts – so the Obamas being there is no suprise.)

  3. stytzer says:

    How Soon Is Now is the best!

  4. Marion says:

    My jams!

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