Boy oh Boy.


Colin Caulfield is a genius. I didn’t know it until about 12 hours ago (I have been behind the curve these days), but Caulfield aka Young Man is one to watch. As a lover of that synthy-pop sound The Beach Boys made famous and the likes of Animal Collective, Panda Bear and Atlas Sound have continued to perfect, I was thrilled to find another artist who jumped on this beach pop band wagon, or would it be a surfboard? All that aside, this album, Boy, is 30 minutes of hazy, mellow bliss. Picture the clouds parting just above the pacific ocean, the sun shining through in the most heavenly of ways, and you don’t have a single thing to do all day but enjoy the surf and the sun…that’s what this music is like. Young Man doesn’t just create tracks, he provides the listener with a divine musical experience. This music is anything but heavy handed, it’s marvelously minimal and beautiful like a rainstorm in the middle of a hot summer day. I would say the best part of this album is the way it’s structured because the one long track allows you to feel like you’re on a journey and with each listen you have the opportunity to find something you didn’t hear the first time around.



One comment on “Boy oh Boy.

  1. Jordan Shepherd says:

    Awesome upload. You should look up GIVERS! They’re a taste of everything, man.. they change it up from pop to mellow to folk to your rockin in your socks sliding on floors. Fun music man, Check it.

    Been looking through your blogs, posts, reviews, all the above, whatever you call em and I’ve been pleased with all the above

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