No Strangers.


If you’ve visited my lil’ ole blog before you’ll be familiar with Florence + The Machine. I am a Florence Mary Leontine Walsh fanatic and no it’s not just because she’s a red head. In my opinion her album, Lungs ,was the album of 2009 and like a fine wine, it is just gets better with time. If you have been experiencing any of Hermine’s wrath (wtf is up with that name?), than I must say today’s song is the perfect “after the storm” tune, it’s hopeful, jovial and down right uplifting. Dog Days are Over is a journey, it is truly an exploration of Florence’s pitch and tone, artfully featuring her stirring voice, a goose-bump worthy, sweet and soulful croon that’s undeniably unmatched. I won’t say too much more, but it would not be wise to underestimate the addictive nature of this song…honestly I dare you to try and listen just once. Also I am posting the video because it’s a moving artistic experience and who doesn’t love a pair of blue alien go-go dancers?!!



One comment on “No Strangers.

  1. wizard knobbler says:

    you and your redheads…

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