Are you sure Jenny, absolutely sure?


Paolo Nutini just has one of those voices, the type of voice that make girls quiver, the type of voice that makes you want to curl up in it. I know, I know…so corny, but it’s true. Today’s song, “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty”, was a hit off of Nutini’s album Last Request, and I have to be honest Jenny had to have some serious will power to resist those pipes. Sure if you’re 40 you might not want to date an 18 year old, but if he sang you this little ditty…you might just think a little bit less about numbers and a little bit more about being Mrs. Paolo Nutini. You might share Jenny’s sentiment or you might not…or you might not even care…but no matter what it’s hard to deny Paolo Nutini has a true talent and a persuadable voice at that…



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