Think Ivy League meets Chiddy Bang

Those words from my one of my favorite blogs,, are pretty damn accurate in describing mix tape master, Hoodie Allen. Again if you’re a track star enthusiast, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about lil’ ole Hoodie Allen, but he recently released his much anticipated mix tape “Pep Rally” which features 11 original tracks so I had to give him a little shot out…duh. Anyway, “Pep Rally” is all in fun, sampling the best and brightest of the indie/hip hop world. In Hoodie’s words, this tape is a celebration of all that’s awkwardly wonderful growing up, narrated with help from samples by Beach House, Florence + The Machine and The Black Keys. I am posting my favorite from the sampling, obviously it has to be Tighten Up (Ft. The Black Keys) but I am posting the link to Hoodie’s site to download the entire mixtape for free.




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