ACL #3


My way or the high road….


Maybe I have a thing for male duos, but maybe I just like good music…I’ll let you decide (I am leaning towards good music on this one although I love Hall and Oates just as much as the next gal). This particular duo, known as Broken Bells, even made the MTV Video Music Awards this year, although I would be willing to guess that 95% of the viewing audience had never heard of them…well boys and girls we are that lucky 5%. Here’s the James Mercer and Brian Burton singing their hit, “The High Road”.  AMD stage Saturday at 4:30 for all of my fellow festival goers.


2 comments on “ACL #3

  1. Tyler says:

    This is my favorite Broken Bells song!

  2. zechmann says:

    This still gets me every time. I’ll be listening to this for life.

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