ACL #2


Boys and Girls and Miike Snow…


Creepy, Yes, Awesome, Most Definitely, ACL Performer, Hells Bells you know it. Miike Snow is definitely my #2 pick,especially since I missed out on what I heard to be a “life-changing” show in Austin a couple months back, NOT this time my friends. So let’s take one more listen to Miike Snow’s crowd pleasing, show stopping hit “Animal” (Mark Ronson remix) off his self titled album. So just to remind everyone, Honda stage – 3pm Friday, that’s in Austin, TX if you’ve forgotten already…


2 comments on “ACL #2

  1. DSR says:

    I remember when I first heard this I had to keep playing it over and over and over…I was drunk off this remix for weeks! This is going to be one of the songs I will have playing at my wedding reception for sure. It will be late in the night, when everyone is worn raged, the lights will be real low, skinny ties, bow ties and cummerbunds all undone, lavender dyed bridesmaid shoes discarded here and there, it will be just me and her left in the square, just the 2 of us skanking to this on the dance floor.

  2. eduard says:

    it was awesome when ezra from vampire weekend came out and did a song with them. this was definitely one of my favorite shows.

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