ACL #1

I just realized I never posted my number one moment of ACL…so typical. Not leaving the best for last, but just leaving it. Anyway, I thought on my road to redemption, I would post TWICE today. That’s right…two times.

Now, let’s get down to business. It was my first time to see Band of Horses live, and it was absolutely incredible. I think the greatness was a combination of the perfect weather, sunset, my best friends in attendance and obviously the music. Front Man, Ben Birdwell, was squinting most of the concert, but that didn’t hold him back from playing one of the best live shows of the weekend. I still say that Band of Horses is one of the few bands I would venture to see through sleet or snow, it just happened to be sunny and 75 degrees.

BOH’s encore was the cherry on top of a perfect show. Birdwell thanked Cee Lo Green for his Cover of their “No One’s Gonna Love You” and basically stated they were going to be repaying the favor with a cover of Cee Lo’s “Georgia”. It doesnt’ evoke a traditional BOH sound, but in this crowd it thrived, and it’s a tune I’ll remember as the perfect Sunday song. With it’s big band/jazz flavour and Birdwell’s unique croon, “Georgia” soared above the crowd and left most of ACL wanting more. I am posting the song below, but it’s worth perusing youtube to see if you can find the live performance in some decent quality. I also thought, just for kicks, I would post Cee Lo’s cover of “No One’s Gonna Love You” because after all “Quid Pro Quo”.

Band of Horses, Georgia

Cee Lo Green, No One’s Gonna Love You


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